Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Unbeatable Luck of Pregnant Women

Did you see "Deal or No Deal" last night? They got the first million-dollar winner.

My hubby didn't watch this show for quite a while. When he changed to that channel last night and I first saw that contestant, I told him right away, "She may win this game." Now, I have never seen any preview or anything. It was just the 6th sense told me that.

During the first commercial, I told my husband, "The Chinese always say that not to gamble with the pregnant women. They will win all the money because of the luck the babies bring." He didn't believe it until the end of the show.

You may think that I am so superstitutious. But it happens all the time.

Sorry, "Deal or No Deal", I wish I told any one of your producers earlier, even though the show is called the "Million Dollar Mission".

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