Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Women's Health

One of the prescriptions my accupunture doctor gave me containing fructus amomi, zingiber, cortex cinnamomi, rotundus, radix glycyrrhizae and other herbs. (This is just for your reference. Always consult your doctor before taking any prescriptions.)

Although my aunt living in Rochester and my uncle living in Hong Kong have been practised Chinese medication for so many years, I had never tried it until about 2 years ago.

I diagnosed the carpel tunnel syndrome that my family doctor, whom is an American, referred me to an accupunture doctor for the treatment. Since my family doctor is the only doctor that I can trust after moving over here, I listened to her advice and went.

Forunately, my accupunture doctor talks to me in our mother language. I always feel very comfortable to ask her any medical problem. I used to visit lady's room and have menstrual cramps quite often. So, she prescribed me some Chinese herbal medicine which only last about 1 week to a month. Believe it or not, all these symptoms were gone. That made me having more confidence in the Chinese medication.

I remembered that there was about a month in which I had problems to walk after getting up every morning. I was referred to the peodiatrist. And the appointment had to be scheduled a month ahead of time. Before going there, I happened to talk to my accupunture doctor. The first thing she told me, "It is not your feet's problem. It's your back problem." About another month later, I diagnosed arthritis on my back.

I am not complaining about the health issues. What I want to bring the message to you is that if you think regular medication does not work, give it a try to some alternative medication. China has a lot of hospitals practising both western and Chinese medication. They want to take the advantages of both to help the patients to recover completely and healthily.

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