Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Weather is changing. A lot of you may sneeze quite a bit.

However, in the Chinese culture, sneezing is not a good sign. Most of the time, the Chinese says, "Maybe somebody is talking behind my back."

When somebody sneezes, American always say, "God Bless You." In Chinese, we always say, "Dai Gui Lai Si." It means that bad luck is gone and good stuffs should be coming.

If you think the things that I told you in the above are so superstitutious. Wait till you hear this. That may give you a laugh for the day.

My father's cousin's family has this rule in their house. If any one of them sneezes before their heading out of the house, they will turn around and get back into the house. No matter, it's a family gathering, funeral, wedding receiption and so forth, they will not attend just because of a sneeze.

Isn't that crazy or what? Believe it or not, hope this gives you a big smile.

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