Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gap between Your 2 Front Teeth

Before I share this interesting Chinese "belief" with you. I want to make sure that I am not saying anything against anybody else.

My hubby was watching the NFL this past Sunday. There was a new host. The first thing I noticed of him was the gap between his 2 front teeth. That reminded me what my cousin told my sister several years ago.

My uncle is a Chinese fortune teller. He can tell the "future" of people by looking at their faces and the lines on their palms. So, his son learns quite a bit from him. When my sister first had her 2 new front teeth coming out, there was a big gap between them. So, my counsin teased her that she would be very mean to her spouse. I don't know why I still remembered this when it happened more than 20 years ago. She didn't take it seriously. However, she thought that it was pretty funny and told everybody else she knew.

Is that really true? I really don't know. But I think that you would love to learn about this crazy "belief" of the Chinese.

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