Saturday, August 30, 2008

Casino & Gambling

After the Beijing Olympic, are you still curious about the culture and customs of China? Maybe not. In this long weekend, some of my co-workers are going to the casino to gamble. It inspired me to share this with you.

Casino and gambling sound like only in the western world. But it has been in China for centuries. Differences are the games, casino setting and/or locations.

Games are "Mahjong", "Due Chong" (the numbers you will get by shaking 2 dices in a cup), "Fish, Shrimp and Crab" and "Pai Guo". They are all Chinese originated games.

Setting and locations have played a very important part throughout the history, especially to the casino owners. Most of them believe in "Fung Shui" which will affect them of how many people coming into their casinos and losing money.

Of course, gamblers have their own strategies to be anti-casino's "Fung Shui".

One of the best examples is the first casino in Macau. The setup of the main entrance makes it like a big mouth which will attract people's money. But gamblers believe that going into the casino from the back door and leave at the main entrance will take care of it.

I am not big in gambline. But I think that that would be something interesting to share with you. Have a wonderful long weekend.

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