Friday, August 15, 2008

Beliefs in Numbers

Everybody is talking about the Olympic Game lately. One of the things that I noticed that is the number 8. Everybody just learnt that 8 is a lucky number. So, I am going to tell you more about numbers from the Chinese point of view.

Have you ever contacted Chinese through their office, home, cell phone no. or even e-mail that there are always 3s, 6s, 8s and 9s. They are the lucky numbers.

If you had ever read "Chinese Etiquette" on my site, you know that 7s is not a good one.

What about 4? The pronounciation is similar to "dead". So, it's no good.

But don't misunderstand that this is the absolute rule. Sometimes, it depends on the combination.

Here are 2 funny examples that you may see from any phone number or license plate.

"5856" means very, very unhappy.

"8866" means super happy.

Next time when you talk to your Chinese friend, try to pay attention to their phone numbers, e-mail addresses and license plates numbers. You will find a lot of fun trying to analysis what the combination of the numbers mean.

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