Sunday, August 3, 2008


When we were in the family cook-out today, we talked about the "antique" shops in the United States. This made me want to share with you something more about this topic in China.

In America, when you step into an antique shop, 9 out of 10 sell the merchandises that people don't want. In other words, they are junk. Once in a while, you find a piece that has a great story behind it and very invaluable. 1 out of 10 stores do sell the antiques very valuable and nice. I did step into these shops before. But their price is very "nice", too.

If you go to China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, antique shops are for the rich people. Every piece in the shops has its story. Most of them came from the emperors, royal families or families that were very famous and/or had a lot of influence in the Chinese history. Each piece costs $10,000 easy. Of course, you have to be very knowledgeable about the Chinese history. Otherwise, you can pay a fortune for nothing.

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