Saturday, May 3, 2008


Spring is here. It means everything coming alive and energetic. However, changing of weather means suffering, especially those with arthritis.

My husband has suffered from it since his early 20s. He went to all different doctors and tried all the prescriptions for internal and external use. None of them worked. Until one day, my aunt, who practices Chinese medication, gave him this external use prescription.

The most important thing of using this prescription is your persistence. Without it, no one or nothing can cure you.

1tbsp Epson Salt
3tbsp 70% Rubbing Alcohol
9L (about 2.37gallons) Warm Water (Buckets out there usually have the metric and US measurements inside.)

Soak 20 minutes each time twice a day (morning and night time) for 11 weeks. Then, you can start reduce the frequency gradually to once a day, 3 times a week, once a week, once in every 2 weeks, once a month and so forth.

If you have arthritis on your back, you can increase the ingredients by proportion and soak the whole body from the shoulder down once a week. This will take a little bit longer than 11 weeks.

Even though you may not be cured 100%, once you stop soaking (which you are not supposed to do that) after the first 11 weeks, you will not feel the pain for another year or two.

The only “side effect” (that I saw on my husband) is your skin will be smoother and softer.

Warning: The first few times of soaking may experience the pain worse than before which is
Do NOT use hot water, but warm.
Like any other medication out there, it may not work on everybody.
If you don’t feel comfortable with it or experience other side effects which are not
listed here, you should stop soaking or consult your doctor.

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