Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tour in Hong Kong & China

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I lived in Hong Kong since I was born. But I never knew how to appreciate everything around me. Until I moved to the States, I found that a lot of things used to be available or I could see every day in Hong Kong are not there or the same in the States. I don't mean that I don't appreciate the things here. But it is just different. I guess the main reason is where you were raised, your heart belongs there.

You know people are always so fascinated with the lifestyle in NYC. When I go back to Hong Kong, I finally understand that fascination. If you love NYC, you will love Hong Kong even more because it is much, much busier, fashionable and quicker.

When I was there this time, I finally realized that Hong Kong is really a kaliedoscope. I never thought to use this word to describe it 'cos I never knew how to appreciate how many different things from all over the world that you can buy just in a 1,066-sq-km area, but not in any country in the world.

And it is like a melting pot that you can find the food, buildings, cultures and a lot of things in both western and eastern styles at the same time.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the pictures as much as I do. When I get more in the future, I will definitely put more up there to share with you.

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