Monday, April 14, 2008


Confucianism was developed over 2,000 years ago. It was used in Chinese politics since then. When I was in high school, we spent quite some time in studying this philosophy. Throughout my life, I always thought that this philosophy is crazy, ridiculous and dictatorship-liked. But when I grew up and got older and older every day, I finally realized the value of this philosophy and how important it is to upkeep the societies.

One of its saying is, "King being a king; subordinate being a subordinate; father being a father; son being a son." What it means is that king has his responsibilities and duties. So, he must do whatever he is supposed to do in order to be a good king. Father has his responsibilities and duties to take good care of his family in order to be a good father. Overall, this saying points to everyone in the society has its responsibilities and duties. If everybody can do what he/she is supposed to do, the society will be a utopia.

Coming back to the real world. Good teachers seem like "an extinct species". Some teachers commit crimes. Even though some do not, some of them do not know any basic manner in real life, like no thank-you and being rude. Students beat up the teachers.

I just wonder if we should think about teaching the confucianism at school to save our children for the future?

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