Friday, May 16, 2008

A Penny in the Street

The weather is so nice now that you may love to walk and do more outdoor exercises. My mother-in-law came up to visit with us for 2 months. We walked pretty much almost every night.

When you walk, you may pick up a penny, nickel or a dime in the street. You will be very happy about the extra money you just got.

But we were taught that we should not pick it up. Because it’s not right to do so?! Yes…The other reason is that it will bring you bad luck.

How? Why? In the Chinese society, when someone is experiencing something very, very terrible, they will throw a penny or a dime away. In other words, they are throwing their bad luck away along with the penny or dime. Anyone picks it up; the bad luck will follow that person.

Do people throw more than a dollar? No…. So, if you see that you are really lucky that day. Good Luck!

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