Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chinese Terra Cotta

The Chinese Terra Cotta is treated as the 8th World Wonder. Although I had never been there, my husband and I are so fascinated by its greatness. We wish that we would be there one day.

I just read a Chinese newspaper about the thrid excavation which is about 24 years after the last one. The Chinese government hopes to have some mysteries solved through this event. They are:

1. The figurine of the general

2. Any variegated colored army

After traveling in Shaanxi, my mom bought me a book from the Terra Cotta museum (see the cover of the book). What impressed me was that a lot of them had color. It was the oxidation that made all of them look greyish. Hopefully, after 24 years of excavation, the technology is advance enough this time that the color can be preserved.

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