Sunday, May 17, 2009

Garage Sale

I was never big on buying or using 2nd hand stuffs. I think there are 2 reasons:

1) My parents had never bought anything 2nd hand, including cars.
2) There is never a garage sale in Hong Kong.

What did I just say? Yes....there is no or never a garage sales in Hong Kong. So, what do people do with the stuffs that they don't want?

Here are the 3 common ways to get rid of your "junks":
1) If you happen to know some friends or relatives not to mind 2nd hand stuffs, you can give to them.

2) Donate to the charitable organizations.
Some of them have scheduled collections throughout the years in each district. You can drop your "junks" at their collecting centers any time. A small portion of them will be on sale for collecting more fund for the organization. Most of them will be sent to the third world countries.

3) Last thing you would want to do is to throw them away.

Unfortunately, this mindset is heavily rooted in the Asian countries. Some people do make a lot of money in the garage sale, but not in Hong Kong or other Asian countries.

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