Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Busiest Stores in Hong Kong and China before Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year (the year of ox) comes very early this year. It is going to be Jan 26. Almost everybody in Hong Kong and China is very busy in buying different things for this BIG festival, such as gifts, new clothes and new shoes. You will see people everywhere.

But among all the stores, comparatively, shoes stores and hair salons are the busiest places. During the month of the Chinese New Year, their business is almost dead. Why? This is because the Chinese superstitions about shoes and hair.

Shoes in Cantonese are called “hai” which is very similar to the exclamation or complaint. If anyone buys shoes during the Chinese New Year, he/she will pick up some bad luck.

Hair symbolizes prosperity and wealth. Nobody wants to cut his/her wealth. Therefore, no one would go to have hair cut during the first month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

There is one thing that I have to share with you which was “invented” by my mom. If anyone wants to buy shoes during the Chinese New Year, buy a pen first. Yes….buy a pen first because it is called “bat” which pronounces the same as the word “no” or “not”. Then, shoes are no longer bad luck. It’s funny. I usually wait after the first month of the Chinese New Year.

But if you happen to travel Hong Kong 2 weeks before the Chinese New Year, you will find some awesome deals. Good Luck!


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